[mythtv-users] PPC and MythMusic FIX (at least for mp3s)

Ryan Oltman roltman at ae.uiuc.edu
Fri Jan 13 23:58:57 UTC 2006

> Pardon my Fench, but SACRE' MERDE!
> Thank you soooooo much!
> My entire music library is mp3, so this is a very good thing.
> Getting it to work for other formats is probably not far behind.
> I am not much of a programmer, but this is just tempting enough to try.
> Matt

I submitted a patch which fixes ogg (tested) and flac(not tested).  It is a 
complete diff of all the files from svn for it to compile on my mac-mini.  I 
think settings.pro needs to be changed slightly, someone hardcoded some intel 
stuff in there.  It also allows the endian type to be detected so it can be 
used on either PPC or Intel.


I have not investigated wether or not it encodes correctly.  Essentially mp3 
and an occasional ogg file is all I'll ever play on it.



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