[mythtv-users] ALSA and onboard sound card (ASUS A8V Deluxe with VIA K8T800Pro)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Jan 13 21:28:49 UTC 2006

Joacim J wrote:

>I have now looked things up a bit. I have S/PDIF (coaxial) connected
>to my Harman/Kardon AVR-65, 5.1 receiver. Using Xine as player.
>When configuring Xine's audio as "Surround 5.1" I looses the speach
>(center), all other sound works fine. Switching Xine's config to "Pass
>through" I get a heavy cracking sound and no normal sound. Since I
>want a pure digital signal to my receiver I think I should use "Pass
>Through", or?
Surround 5.1 outputs analog signals via 3 mini-jacks on your sound card, 
which means you're only getting 2 of the channels.

Passthrough dumps the digital signal out through the digital output and 
it is us to your receiver to decode it.  Many receivers can autodetect 
the signal type.  However, if you get "heavy cracking sound" when using 
passthrough, it means that either your receiver didn't autodetect the 
stream type (try setting it explicitly on the receiver) or that 
something in your configuration is corrupting the stream so that the 
receiver guesses it must be PCM.

What ALSA device are you using for passthrough in xine's config?  With 
the .asoundrc you've specified, you should use something like digital or 
spdif or iec958.  Do not use mixed-digital.  Note that you can specify a 
different device for passthrough and surround40 and surround51


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