[mythtv-users] DViCO Fusion HDTV 5 Lite status?

Neil neil-on-mythtv at restricted.dyndns.org
Thu Jan 12 21:17:49 UTC 2006

I ordered by DViCO Fusion HDTV Lite card at CyberEStore. Once I install this 
card, I will have a total of 2 HD tuners. The first one was Air2pc. Anyways, 
I will need some help to make it work properly. 

1. Am planning to use FusionHDTV5 Lite card to capture via QAM on my 
2. From what I've read, 2.6.15, contains the necessary stable drivers to 
support this card. Am I correct?
3. In zap2it, am I correct that I just need to add a new channel lineup for 
cable tv which includes some HD channels like Discovery?
4. Assuming 2 shows starts at the same time, how do I configure mythtv to 
use the Air2PC card for the HDTV OTA and the FusionHDTV card to record the 
show from Comcast cable?

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