[mythtv-users] Video modes - aspect ratios

Graeme Hilton graeme.hilton at fishter.org.uk
Thu Jan 12 19:35:35 UTC 2006


This is more of a system configuration issue than a myth issue, but as
we all use a variety of display hardware I thought I'd be able to tap a
few brains.

I have a video card with a TV-Out and a VGA (a Radeon 9600XT).  It's
connected to an 8" LCD panel via the VGA and to my home theatre system
(Denon DHT500).  This feeds a 28" widescreen CRT through a SCART socket.

The 8" panel is 800x600 native resolution and that's what the system is
set to run at.  I ran the fglrxconfig from ATI to set up the TV-Out and
attached you can see the resulting xorg.conf.  X is cloning the output
from the VGA to the TV-Out.  I have tried the Dual Head configuration,
but X refuses to start. (I can dig out some logs if anyone is interested.)

My problem is that when I turn on the TV it is receiving a 4:3 format
signal, with black bars down the sides.  I think this is because the
signal from the TV-Out is 4:3.  How can I get that to become a 16:9 format?

Ideally I'd like 4:3 on the VGA and 16:9 on the TV.  Does anyone have a
similar setup?
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