[mythtv-users] Name that tuner!

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Jan 12 19:26:54 UTC 2006

Steve Daniels wrote:

>Ok, I've aquired a tuner and haven't a clue what kind it is, all I have is 
>the board.
>It's in a machine at the moment so can't see it to tell you any codes 
>written on it but it's got the following I/O from top to bottom.
>It's a Hauppauge Analogue Card, and probably at least 1 year old.
>FM, TV, Line Out, Vid, Line in, IR
>Now name that tuner!
>If you want me to run any commands to help find out what tuner it is, or 
>need to me find any numbers written on the board feel free to ask and I'll 
>get back to you. I'm wondering whether to leave this card in or swap it out 
>for another Nova-T i've got. I wanted to leave it in so I could convert any 
>VHS tapes over to myth as and when requested by the family.. Or it might 
>just be better to stick it into my desktop machine and create the divx's 
>manually.. hmmm
what does the output of lspci -v say?


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