[mythtv-users] Questionaire: What do you have your casepowerbutton do?

James C. Dastrup jc at dastrup.com
Thu Jan 12 15:28:27 UTC 2006

>> I have an IR keyboard. The BIOS is configured
>> to power-on with any key-press.  I programmed my remote to send
>> the key-presses from my keyboard. That's also how I send all other
>> commands. I don't use LIRC at all on the front end.  My keyboard
>> is  always put away and I only need it if I'm working on that
>> computer for some other purpose.
>So why doesn't a remote signal meant for your TV, VCR, stereo, etc wake your
>computer?  This always seemed to be the biggest roadblock for using the
>remote to wake my frontend.
If your logic is correct, then every command sent by any remote would activate
any IR receiver and process any command on any device. The answer is the 
same reason that when you power on your TV with your remote, you're DVD player 
doesn't also turn on.
The signal sent for the TV is ignored by the keyboard's IR Receiver. The IR 
Keyboard receiver only picks up keyboard commands. If I program one
button on my remote to send the letter A, and another button to send
the TV's Volume Up, only the letter A will turn the computer on, since the
keyboard doesn't even have a Volume Up button, much less matching
the same IR signal that the TV would accept.

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