[mythtv-users] Why is my 350's audio so much l-l-louder! than the 250's?

f-myth-users@media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Thu Jan 12 10:24:55 UTC 2006

    > Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 05:02:33 -0500 (EST)
    > From: f-myth-users at media.mit.edu

    > (And it won't stick!  Changing channels or leaving LiveTV is fine,
    > but reentering LiveTV bashes the register back to 58950!  Is there
    > any way to make this stick, as a workaround?)]

...and before anyone else suggests it, yes, I suppose I -could- employ
the stomach-turning kluge of playing whack-a-mole with the register
value, such as having a background process blindly set it to the right
value once a second, or perhaps check it once a second and reset it if
it's strayed.  If it only gets reset just as the card goes into
capture mode, this means that on average only the first half-second
would be too loud, and the card might still be acquiring and/or
unmuting then anyway.  But it'd be better to figure out why I need to
do this in the first place---and, failing that, if there was some
general hook that gets run before the card goes into capture mode
(whether for LiveTV or scheduled recording) on which I could hang the
appropriate command, without having to recompile 18.1 just to add such
a hook...).

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