[mythtv-users] plextor convertx audio trouble

Jason mythtv at lakedaemon.net
Thu Jan 12 04:58:28 UTC 2006

I received my Plextor ConvertX PX-TV402U this afternoon.  Other than
needing to force hotplug with 'make install USE_UDEV=n', the install
went smoothly. :)

Recording with gorecord went well, I can see and hear the file.
gorecord reports using /dev/video and /dev/dsp1. 

I've used mythtv for over two years (well, since 0.7-8ish), never saw
anything like this.

No matter what I try, mythbackend will only open /dev/sound/dsp.  I set
it everywhere to /dev/dsp1, and when I enter setup again, it's changed to
/dev/dsp... wtf?  So I went into mythconverg and changed the only
value='AudioDevice' I have in settings to /dev/dsp1.  That sticks.
Unfortunately, when mythfrontend is running remotely (the only way I
ever run it), I get no audio.  An 'lsof | grep myth | grep dsp' yields 
only one line with mythbackend opening /dev/sound/dsp....  

So I search the source (0.18.1), I can see some default values set to
'/dev/dsp', but I don't see any hard-coded lines.

Right now, I'm re-merging (gentoo) mythtv with debugging support.  In
the meantime, any ideas?



btw - I checked permissions and symlinks on /dev/dsp and /dev/dsp1, both
appear correct.

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