[mythtv-users] Linux newbie strikes again... PVR-150 not outputting to X300...

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Thu Jan 12 04:15:53 UTC 2006


Thanks for the quick reply!

How do I rearrange my displays?  Is it as simple as changing

    Option      "MonitorLayout" "CRT,TV"
    Option      "ForceMonitors" "CRT,TV"


    Option      "MonitorLayout" "TV,CRT"
    Option      "ForceMonitors" "TV,CRT"

I apologize in advance for any dumb questions.  Thanks for the help.


On 1/11/06, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> obscure information. wrote:
> > I've been working on my mythtv install for a bit now, but I've
> > encountered an issue now that everything is more-or-less configured.
> > I've got a PVR-150 that appears to be configured properly, based on
> > the fact that I can tune in channels and view them on the monitor.  I
> > can also view the output from my ATI X300 video card using the
> > proprietary fglrx driver on my TV without issue.
> >
> > When I start the myth frontend, I can see my initial menu (i.e. watch
> > tv, setup, etc.) on the TV and the CRT at the same time.  As soon as I
> > select "Watch TV", I get a blue screen on my TV and the output shifts
> > solely to my CRT.  Going back to the previous menu, bringing up the
> > guide, and the like all result in the picture reappearing on the TV.
> Your video card's drivers--like all of them I've ever seen--only
> supports Xv on one display.  The other display shows the Xv color key.
> To put the video on the TV (and the color key on your CRT), you need to
> rearrange your displays.  If you don't want the color key on the CRT,
> you need to re-think your configuration.
> Mike
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