[mythtv-users] Revised MythTV Subversion ebuilds for Gentoo available

Drew Tomlinson drew at mykitchentable.net
Thu Jan 12 00:14:15 UTC 2006

On 1/10/2006 9:59 AM Scott Alfter wrote:

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>The MythTV Subversion ebuild I obtained from Gentoo Bugzilla won't build MythTV
>with FireWire support because the dependencies are incorrect/outdated.  I don't
>know if someone else has put up an updated ebuild somewhere else already, but
>here's what I'm now using:
>To enable FireWire support, make sure ieee1394 is among your USE flags.  The
>ebuild pulls in the latest versions of libraw1394, libavc1394, and libiec61883,
>so you'll need to tag them with ~x86 or ~amd64 (as appropriate) in
>/etc/portage/package.keywords.  Unpack the tarball to /usr/local/portage, and
>make sure "PORTDIR_OVERLAY=/usr/local/portage" is in /etc/make.conf.

I'm currently running 0.18-r2 from the regular portage tree.  I also 
have MythDVD, MythGallery, MythWeather, MythMusic, MythWeb, & 
MythStreamTV plugins installed.  I'd like to try SVN as I've read about 
lots of nice features.  Do I need to unemerge the old before emerging 
your mythtv-svn?  Would you please provide a brief list of steps for 
this noob?  I'd really appreciate it as I do not want to break my system 
by doing something stupid.



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