[mythtv-users] question about RAID

James C. Dastrup jc at dastrup.com
Mon Jan 9 19:53:34 UTC 2006

>All RAID0 does is join (or grow) partitions together.  It is very useful if
>you have, for example, three 100GB disks about like them joined into a 300GB

Not exactly. A true RAID 0 (or a striped set) alternates writing each block
from one disk to the other. This increases performance because 2 chunks
of data can be written at the same time - one chunk to disk 1, one chunk to
disk2, etc.

Joining partitions together, or extending a volume, is not RAID 0. This does
not necessarily increase performance, because data typically won't be written
to the second disk until the first is full.
In both scenarios, your useable space equals all your disks combined, but
only the striped set improves performance.


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