[mythtv-users] Ratpoisonrc example

Support [ Ian Ward ] support at cyberpro.com.au
Mon Jan 9 10:23:06 UTC 2006

[mythtv at pvr ~]$ more .Xclients
exec ./.Xclients-ratpoison

[mythtv at pvr ~]$ more .Xclients-ratpoison


/usr/bin/ratpoison &

# To get an xterm with Ratpoison, "Control-c Control-t c"

# Load nVidia driver custom settings
#nvidia-settings --load-config-only &
# Stop the Nvidia blue line problem
xvattr -a XV_COLORKEY -v 66048

# Disable screensaver and blanking
/usr/X11R6/bin/xset -dpms
/usr/X11R6/bin/xset s off

# Restore sound settings
/usr/bin/amixer set Master,0 80%,80% unmute
/usr/bin/amixer set PCM,0 80%,80% unmute
/usr/bin/amixer set Line,0 80%,80% mute captur
/usr/bin/amixer set Capture,0 80%,80% captur
/usr/bin/aplay /usr/share/system-config-soundcard/sound-sample.wav &

# Make sure the DVD is umounted
umount /media/cdrecorder

# Launch myth frontend

# We are here because mythfrontend crashed or was exited
# We could stay in the window manager by changing "exit" to "wait"
[mythtv at pvr ~]$

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