[mythtv-users] liveTV using 100% CPU

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Jan 8 21:01:09 UTC 2006


I'm running 0.18.1 on a Gentoo system, and compiling outside the  
"portage" system usually leads to trouble. I'm not sure what "USE"  
flag indicated the use of vsync, "nVidia" probably did it.

I'm not sure which is going to be more of a pain, re-compiling MythTV  
or getting an older version of nVidia's drivers to work, seems the  
kernel API has changed and broken older video drivers.

I do not understand all this mucking around with a "production"  
kernel. These guys who insist it must be "up to date" are the same  
ones who keep checking for the fdiv bug, even on Xeon and Opteron  
CPUs :-)

> In SVN's frontend settings (Playback Settings, General playback  
> (page 1)):
> Enable OpenGL vertical sync for timing
> If it is supported by your hardware/drivers, MythTV will use OpenGL  
> vertical syncing for video timing, reducing frame jitter.
> In MythTV 0.18 and 0.18.1, you have to recompile Myth without  
> OpenGL vsync.  In MythTV 0.18-fixes SVN, you have the same option  
> as SVN.  (Note that if you have one you think is 0.18.2, it's  
> probably 0.18-fixes SVN, so it probably has the option.)

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