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linux linux at vanoverbruggen.nl
Sun Jan 8 12:38:12 UTC 2006

Any ideas What modules I should look for that could be this duplicate? 

On 1/7/06, linux wrote: 
> After spending a week to get my IVTV drivers running with firmware I 
> deciced to downgrade to 0.4.0. This worked. 
> My next challenge is changing channels. 
> When I use ivtv-tune I can tune the card to any station, however when 
> I start the mythfront I cannot change the channels with the keybord. 
> The only channel visible is the one I tuned with ivtv-tune. 
> It seems that I can tune the card manually (with ivtv-tune) but not 
> with mythtv, nor does mythtv overrides the tuning done manually. 
> I have not set up the remote yet, so I am using the keyboard. Sound is 
> not yet configured either. 
> Any suggestions what might be wrong ? 

ivtv-tune uses ivtv's own utilities to send the command. 
(you could also do it with ivtvctl). 

So if myth does not tune, it would seem that some 
of the modules delivered with ivtv are not being used 
because distro modules are taking precidence. 

I'd suggest a rigerous inspection of any modules that 
exist in more than one place. 



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