[mythtv-users] fc4.ppc, Mac Mini and MythTV - Now Ubuntu

Matt Hannan matthannan1 at cox.net
Sun Jan 8 01:54:24 UTC 2006

Brian Edmonds wrote:
> On 1/6/06, Matt Hannan <matthannan1 at cox.net> wrote:
>> WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN?!?!?! Champion! Do you have someplace online where
>> Ican read how you did this? A blog or random notes or anything?
> Unfortunately not.  I think I pretty much covered everything I did in
> that post though.  the only two breakthroughs were to turn off the
> previews, which stopped the backend crashes, and to record raw audio,
> which "fixed" the loud static problem with audio from the ConvertX. 
> Beyond that I think it was a pretty standard mythTV compile from the
> 0.18.1 sources.
>> What version of Deb are you using?
> I'm running Debian unstable, but I don't see why the current stable
> shouldn't be just as good, since they didn't diverge that long ago;
> after I got the Mini at any rate, IIRC.  I did build my own kernel
> (2.6.11), since it required a tiny hack to make sound work at all at
> the time.  This may well be fixed in more recent kernels.
>> You can configure your frontend to look at a backend share for your music.
> Do you mean an NFS share?  That's not good enough for me, as I do a
> lot of my work on a laptop which doesn't mount NFS from my main
> server.  (In fact it's behind NAT from the main server, since it's
> work equipment and they provide an extra wireless router for security
> reasons.)  I want something that works like the basic mythTV, where
> all you need is one network connection to the database and one to the
> master backend.  Anything else is just a hack that's not really part
> of the myth, IMO.
>> Do you think I could pull it off in Ubuntu?
> I don't see why not, offhand.
> Brian.
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How did you install 0.18.1? From source or from packages?
I have spent all afternoon trying to find a repository with 0.18.1 for 
Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy). Looks like if I wanted to run 0.17.X I would be 
all set, but not with 0.18.1!

Also, I just tried to kick off a compile from source, but I am getting 
the EXACT same errors I was getting in FC4.

Any ideas? I am about to throw in the towel.


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