[mythtv-users] fc4.ppc, Mac Mini and MythTV

Matt Hannan matthannan1 at cox.net
Sat Jan 7 05:27:45 UTC 2006

Brian Edmonds wrote:
> On 1/6/06, Piers Kittel <mythtv at biased.org> wrote:
>> Stupid question I think but why not use OSX and the MythTV OSX frontend?
> For me, on my Mac Mini running mythTV, that would be because I can't
> stand the OSX GUI.  I used a powerbook for a year at work, and finally
> switched back to a Thinkpad tablet recently so I could run Debian with
> ratpoison where I'm much more comfortable.  Likewise when I recently
> bought the Mini I never ever booted OSX, but immediately wiped it and
> installed Debian.  I thought iTunes was pretty cool, but it's only a
> minor application for me, and not worth the rest of the GUI pain. 
> YMM(and probably does)V.
> Brian.
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That is another thing about the (now failed) FC4.ppc attempt.
I am WAY more comfortable with Linux. I grew up on DOS and then Windows, 
but I have been using Linux as my main PC (and server) for about 5 years 
I still have to have Windows around, tho. Work is an XP ThinkPad and I 
have an old Dell C400 laptop that I just picked up that runs XP, too. 
This is for testing of those crazy Windows problems that the folks I 
support in the wild (I am up to supporting 36 machines in the wild!!! 
All friends and relations) are always running into.
I was never really exposed to Macs, so a lot of OS X just seems "wrong" 
to me. Like what the heck is that lame Network Manager (or whatever it 
is called) utility where you set up NFS shares? Come on now! Very un-Mac 
from what I have heard people tell me how Mac's are (sleek and easy to 
use). But, like the man said, YMMV.

And another thing. I think we just took over first place in Google for 
"FC4.ppc +MythTV"! Seriously. This is the longest running thread on the 
entire Interweb on running Myth on a Mac. Maybe the developers will 
start developing MythTV for Sparc and will take a notice? Please?


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