[mythtv-users] USB IR receiver of choice

Nelson Tang tang at cs.ucla.edu
Fri Jan 6 16:06:49 UTC 2006

On 1/6/06, Rick <ve1gn at nb.sympatico.ca> wrote:
> Mike wrote:
> > Apparently I'm the rear end of a donkey. I had a family member order two
> > serial IR receivers from irblaster.info for his new Myth boxes, but
> > neither of the computers have serial ports. (Go figure, it isn't 1992
> > anymore.)  I'd rather not throw more PCI cards in these boxes just to
> > support yesteryear's technology, so are there any users out there that
> > have recommendations for USB IR receivers that are easy to implement
> > with lirc and myth?
> I use this USB to Serial Adapter with  MyBlaster and it works without
> problems. www.mytvstore.com/product_id_011.html
> It shows up as dev/ttyUSB0
> Rick

I can also recommend the Streamzap USB remote/receiver; it was
trivially simple to implement with lirc & myth (I use Gentoo, and it
was just a matter of including a USE flag when emerging lirc).  I
found one at retail for $40 but got one from Amazon more recently for


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