[mythtv-users] .19 on Ubuntu working sort of

Adam Propeck adam at propeck.com
Thu Jan 5 05:47:22 UTC 2006

Ok, I think I got it compiled and installed. I've run Myth-setup and
mythfilldatabase successfully. For some reason I had to set my
LD_LIBRARY_PATH to run any of the apps. I'm using a 6200 STB though, and I
finally got it to successfully let me watch live TV. Internal channel
changing however is not working. Is there something I need to do? Also, HD
channels are extemely slow, so I think I may try to install the fglrx
drivers into Ubuntu. I have an ATI FireGL X1 - 128MB. I'm assuming that with
Ubuntu, I leave the driver set to ati in my xorg.conf by default to take
advantage of the fglrx that is installed out of the box in Ubuntu. Is this
right? Thanks in advance.
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