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A Desai ashu.desai at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 15:55:35 UTC 2006

That seems to be a great idea, to have a thumbnail, just so that it's more
convenient for people to remember where they left off, rather than just the

Any mythguru in here who can take this up???


On 12/26/05, Peter Schachte <schachte at csse.unimelb.edu.au> wrote:
> A Desai wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > I was wondering if there is a way to append the saved positions we
> > have right now. Is it possible to add a few "memory" saves when we
> > save the position? So when we want to start from the saved position,
> > it actually asks us if we want to start at
> >
> > 1. 0: 0:13
> > 2. 0:10:11
> > 3 1:04:20
> Sounds good.
> Along the same lines, what I would find useful would be for Myth to also
> remember who wants to watch a show, and who has already watched it.  So
> when you schedule a program for recording, you specify who would want to
> watch it (from a list of household members you've preconfigured).  When
> you go to delete a program, it shows you who it thinks wants to watch it
> but hasn't yet, and allows you to remove from the list rather than
> deleting outright.
> Similarly, when you stop watching a show and save your position, you
> could be offered a list of household members to tag that position with.
> Then when you start watching a show, it could show you a menu of saved
> positions, with names attached, to select from, or let you start from
> the beginning.  This would be better than choosing based in time into
> the show, because who can really remember whether they were 17:28 or
> 23:42 into that episode of "Lost" they didn't get to finish watching 3
> days ago?
> The other good thing about remembering who wants to watch what is that
> if you tell it who you are when you sit down to watch TV, you could be
> presented with a list of programs *you* want to watch, with the ones
> you've watched part of at the top of the list.  Better still if you
> could tell it everyone who is in the room, and have it show you a list
> of what anyone there wants to watch, with priority given to the programs
> the most people there want to watch.
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