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Richard Shaw rshaw2 at midsouth.rr.com
Wed Jan 4 04:13:40 UTC 2006

Terry Dawson wrote:

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>Is anyone working on a book for MythTV?
>I have some previous writing experience and a contact or two that might
>help in getting something published.
>Is there any interest in collaborating in creating one?
>My aim would be to get something published, donating a percentage of
>royalties to the project to assist with ongoing development.
I just got an email from O'Reilly today

As Kyle Rankin, author of the new "Linux Multimedia Hacks" (O'Reilly),
puts it, "It seems like a person's computer is becoming the multimedia hub
more and more these days. Even if you have some sort of portable device to
listen to music or watch videos, most of the time you end up doing your
ripping, encoding, and storage on your home PC." Linux has often been
overlooked for these types of applications, but multimedia programs under
Linux are getting more and more mature. The list of things you can't do
with free open source tools under Linux keeps getting shorter as the
multimedia tools get easier to use and more powerful.

Rankin's book, one of O'Reilly's popular "Hacks" series, contains a
hundred hacks to help readers get the best multimedia experience from
their computers. Topics covered include:

-Building a MythTV digital media hub that allows you to record television,
 watch videos, listen to music, and even play classic arcade games
-Editing audio, video, and images, using both command-line and GUI tools,
 all of them free
-Managing your music collection by synchronizing your MP3 player and
 desktop and using dynamic playlists
-Creating and burning your own DVDs and VCDs
-Streaming audio and video over the Internet
-Syncing your digital camera to your PC to organize, touch up, and display
 your photographs

"Linux can be a great multimedia platform, once you learn how to use it,"
Rankin adds. "The problem is that documentation for these tools is often
scattered, incomplete, and in some cases overly complicated. Plus there
are plenty of great tools that few people have even heard of. 'Linux
Multimedia Hacks' puts all of this information in one place written in
plain English."

To order your copy or for more information, see:
or call 1-800-998-9938
or email orders at oreilly.com

Linux Multimedia Hacks
By Kyle Rankin
ISBN: 0-596-10076-0, 310 pages, $29.95 US


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