[mythtv-users] No channels in db, but mythfilldatabase says "Data is already present"

mikepolniak mikpolniak at adelphia.net
Wed Jan 4 02:03:49 UTC 2006

On 13:08 Tue 03 Jan     , Joe Votour wrote:
> Check that you actually have channels in the database.
>  They should have been created on the first invocation
> of mythfilldatabase.
> To check that you have channel information, run mysql
> and do the query, "select * from channel;".  That
> should show you a channel list.  If you want to remove
> them, you can do "delete from channel;".
> To get rid of the program listings in the database,
> you can use the query, "delete from program;".
Yes both the channel and program tables are empty and when i rerun
mythfilldatabase and connect to datadirect/zap2it it just says:

Data is already present for Tue Jan 3 2006, skipping

...and repeats that line for all days up to Jan 16, because i retrieved
that data a few days ago.

So is there another way to get the data? 


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