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Terry Dawson tjd at animats.net
Wed Jan 4 01:32:17 UTC 2006

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Steve Adeff wrote:

> Not to insult your work on a book, but wouldn't a proper Wiki make more sense? 
> I mean granted, noone will end up reading it, like they don't use gossamer 
> right now, but with as much as Myth changes it would just seem to make sense.

It's an interesting question. My feeling is that both good up to date
online documentation and print publication make sense. A couple of ideas
on the subject though.

Firstly I think it depends very much on what style of book it is that
you're writing. If it is a reference book then you're right, print
publication for a project as early in its lifecycle as MythTV would be a
mistake. If the book were more tutorial in nature, an introduction to
the whole concept with the aim of providing relevant background to
assist people interested in building their own MythTV installation I
think it'd have a more useful life-span. Subsequent editions could
provide a stronger focus on reference as the product matures.

Secondly, In my experience people are more likely to read a print
publication cover to cover. I was a founding member of the Linux
Documentation Project and maintained a number of HOWTO documents over a
number of years and I could tell from the number of questions I received
that despite the fact that the lifecycle of HOWTO document updates was
very fast-paced, a large percentage of readers weren't reading the
online version at all, despite the print version directing them to it.
People tend to read online documentation for reference: "I have a
question, I'll google for it, it turns up an online reference, I find
the answer to my question". If you want your reader to actually read
widely about a topic then I believe a print publication better serves
the purpose.


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