[mythtv-users] yet another mythtv theme "RETRO"

Simon Lundell simon.lundell at his.se
Tue Jan 3 12:44:37 UTC 2006

I must say that I really like your theme. I find it quite hard to turn 
off the TV now :)
IMHO this theme should be the official/default mythtv theme.

Dave Hofstra wrote:

> As I said to you offlist, I simply wanted to weigh in that this is an 
> excellent theme.  The 3d icons are just what I always had wanted, and 
> I wish I even had a smidge of the talent you have.
> I like the fonts, and changing to something with liscensing issues 
> would be far worse.  A+ job man!
> I am also a big fan of the OSD...  just wanted to give positive 
> feedback because I know (when working on Myxer) that all the negatives 
> can get disheartening.  Who knows how there are any developers left 
> with all the moaning that goes on... LOL
> Have a good one!
> Dave Hofstra
> On 12/1/05, *gerhard aldorf* <gerhard at aldorf.no 
> <mailto:gerhard at aldorf.no>> wrote:
>     Hi
>     Here is my attemped to create a theme for mythtv. This is just a start
>     and only the main theme.xml and most of the watermarks are done.
>     Unpack
>     it  in your mythtv themes directory an give it a try. It should work
>     nicely with the isthmus OSD which I made some time ago. You can
>     find it
>     at http://www.aldorf.no/mythtv/
>     Constructive comments are welcomed.
>     Gerhard
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