[mythtv-users] Left Channel Audio Only - LiveTV and Recordings

Tom Gutwin tgutwin at webarts.bc.ca
Tue Jan 3 06:00:08 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Just set up a new MythTV box. Very Happy except one thing.
I am getting audio out of the left channel ONLY for Live and recorded TV.
NO Right Channel sound.
Sound out with MythDVD, and MythMusic is fine, as is other non-Myth Apps.
I know the right audio is getting into the box because I can monitor the line in.

Does this ring a bell with anyone?

I have surfed the list archives and tried just about every sound setting
I could think of but could not find a reason for it.

I am running:
  - MythTV - the latest svn build (8463)
  - FC4 on x86_64
  - asus A8N MB with nforce2 intel8x0 ac97 sound
  - The sound is set up with basic 2 channel settings with the capture only
    on the line input.
  - Back and frontend on the same box.
  - I am also running a remote frontend on another box and the same
    left channel only audio is present

TV signal
  is composite from an external satellite decoder with the l&R audio
  running into my line in on the motherboard line-in.
  alsa mixer is set to capture from the line-in

I have trouble shot all cables and methods of input and no matter what
Left Channel only :(

Its like the conversion to nuv file is leaving the right channel off.
What should I look to change.
I can even look into the code

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