[mythtv-users] Struggling with Xwindows DVI to HDTV 1080i

Dan Christian dac at x.cx
Tue Jan 3 03:36:49 UTC 2006

On Thursday 29 December 2005 17:52, Steve Adeff wrote:
> the NVidia component output uses an HDTV output chip so it will work. It's
> interlaced over DVI that doesn't since it uses the normal monitor output.
> Its a known bug that NVidia won't fix since relatively few people use it.
> Apparently one of the older (search the list archives) drivers does support
> it though. Some TV's will accept a 1920x540p signal from the DVI and
> display it as 1080i though, so thats worth a try too.

Have you actually gotten 1080i to work with component?  Can you send the 
Xorg.conf file?

I tried to get it to work from my 6600GT, but couldn't get a usable picture.  
The picture would jump up-down by a line on every frame (like the interlace 
was happening right).  Both component and DVI acted the same.  My eyes 
started to water after about 5 minutes.  I haven't found anyone with a usable 

Do you know which drivers worked?  Which list archvie were you referring to: 
nvidia or mythTV?

Any CRT that takes 1080i should also take 540p.  The only differences are in 
the timing.  Of course, LCD and plasma have to digitize and rescale 
everything; so they might act differently.


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