[mythtv-users] pvr 150 mce troubles

Carl Fongheiser carlfongheiser at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 00:11:18 UTC 2006

On 1/2/06, David at kurowski.net <David at kurowski.net> wrote:
> Have been monitoring list for awhile and am now starting my myth project.
> Will have separarte back end and front end. Has anyone had this problem?
> Building a backend server to run mythtv.
> motherboard gigabyte ga-k8nf-9
> cpu 3200+
> 1 gig memory
> 2 ide drives and 2 sata
> video card asus n6200tc
> 1 sony dvd-rw
> 2- wintv-pvr-150mce model 1042
> nosystem installed yet
> On boot-up with the 2 pvr 150 cards installed system freezes before POST.
> When one of the pvr card is removed system boots fine. Either card can be
> removed and have tried all pci slots with same results.


A couple things come to mind.  I would make sure to have the most up-to-date
BIOS that is available (version F10 at the moment).  If that doesn't take
care of it, you might have too small a power supply.

I'm not running PVR150's on a Gigabyte board, nor on an NForce 4 board, so I
can't suggest much else.  I do have 2 PVR150's in a single system, but that
system uses an ASUS P4PE motherboard (Intel i845PE chipset).

Carl Fongheiser
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