[mythtv-users] Microsoft Remote Keyboard

Justin Clacherty justinc at serani.com.au
Mon Jan 2 22:34:01 UTC 2006

Lee wrote:

> Sorry, that would be me that was planning on getting an MS MCE 
> Keyboard...
> Unfortunately I have got around to it yet, as I've been busy with 
> work/Christmas/etc...

Know the feeling.

> I was just planning on running irrecord, adding the the output to the 
> existing lirc config file and the adding the extra keys to the lircrc 
> file.
> Seemed pretty straight forward... Have you tried it?

Ok.  I haven't tried that, I wasn't sure if it was just some special 
keyboard driver that would be required or if I'd need an lirc config 
file.  I'll give irrecord a go, should have some time later on in the week.


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