[mythtv-users] Newbie hard drive question - PVR350 / KnoppMyth

Philip Isaacs pisaacs at wesleyan.edu
Mon Jan 2 19:40:00 UTC 2006

Happy New Year,

"long time listener, first time caller here"

So a co worker (hey Todd) got me all excited about MythTV and over the 
past few weeks I have successfully set up my own box using KnoppMyth and 
a PVR350. Here is my rig.

Asus P4S8X Mother Board
Nvidia Ti4200 8X AGP 128 MB Video Card
One WD 20 gig ATA 100 HD
One Maxtor 100 gig SATA HD
Happauge PVR350
KnoppMyth RA526

So far I have all the basics working. I had originally had it hook up
to a 17 inch CRT monitor while I was building and testing, but just 
recently got the TV Out working and hooked it up to my TV set. But this
is where my troubles have started. First off it has started to freeze 
during playback of recorded shows and during DVD rips (something that
never happened before).

Here is my file system.

/root, /cache and /swap are all on my WD 20 gig harddrive on IDE0
/myth is on a SATA 100 gig harddrive

I suspect most of my problems are because of the SATA and was wondering 
how to go about trouble shooting something like this. I have used Linux 
for a long time but I am by no means an expect. I believe my kernel was 
compiled with support for my hard drive which sits ona Raid0 by itself.  
By the way could this be a problem having a single drive as a Raid0? 
Finally, would my rig work better if I set both drives up under LVM as 
one drive and is this possible to do this with a one hard drive on a IDE 
channel and one on a Raid?

Hope this all makes sense.

Thanks so much in advance,


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