[mythtv-users] Who do you have to kill to ACTUALLY get MythGames/xmame working?

Jeff Clemens teedub303 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 18:12:43 UTC 2006

I just recently sat down and finally got Mythgame working in FC4.  There
were a few steps I had to go through to get it to work.

The first was to use a wrapper script I wrote to make Myth return an older
version number.

Here's the script:


# Shell Script to return old version number for Xmame if the version

# argument is given, otherwise run Xmame with all arguments

# this is a test version, may need to reconstruct the string without the

# -version argument, so that we can call Xmame even if the -version

# argument is given. This depends on the functionality of MythTV

# which is why we're writing this script in the first place


for X in $*


if [ "$X" = '-version' ]; then



if [ "$X" = '--version' ]; then



if [ "$X" = '-history_file' ]; then


echo 1


if [ "$G" != 1 ]; then

export F="$F $X"



echo 0




if [ $flag = 1 ]; then

echo 'xmame (x11) version 0.96 (May 11 2005)'


# echo OUTPUT:

# echo $F

xmame $F

This is probably not the most elegant script, but I wrote it at 3AM one
morning.  It also gets rid of the --history_file option, since that doesn't
seem to be supported in the new versions of xmame.  I put this script in
/usr/bin and changed the setup in mythgame to call /usr/bin/blah (the name
of the script) instead of /usr/bin/xmame.

I also noticed that some of the settings from the hidden mythgame setup
screen (from within mythgame, not mythgame setup, select system xmame, then
press m) correspond to settings that xmame doesn't recognize, but there is a
section for manually adding options to the command line on the last page.  I
had to set the joystick type to NONE, then manually set the joystick type to
2, since none of the possible settings in mythTV correspond to the correct
joystick type that I need. (wireless Logitech Wingman)

To figure out what I needed to change, I watched the STDOUT from
mythfrontend as I tried to select a mythgame game.  It shows what the
command line it's trying to run is, but doesn't show any Xmame error
messages.  I then switched to an xterm window, and pasted that command line
into it.  This allowed me to see the error messages and make the appropriate
changes.  I then made the changes directly to the command line until I could
get xmame to come up cleanly.

Once I knew what the command line should be, I could make the appropriate
changes in the regular and hidden mythgame setup screens to get myth to
issue the proper command line.

The hidden setup screen was key in this, and it took me a while to find out
how to access it.  Again, to get to it, you have to have System as one of
the search categories in the regular mythtv setup, then you just need to go
to Media/PlayGames and select the category for Xmame games then press M on
the keyboard.

On 12/31/05, Greg Estabrooks <greg at phaze.org> wrote:
> > I don't like  the idea of having to use MythGame from CVS if possible.
> You couldn't just mix  SVN MythGame with 0.18 of MythTV anyway.
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