[mythtv-users] Media MVP frontend causing myth backend to crash [OT?]

Dave Ansell dave at theansells.com
Sun Jan 1 11:57:52 EST 2006


   I have had a stable mythtv front/backend system for about a year based on 

  I was recently tempted to set up a second frontend basd on the Hauppauge 
Media MVP with with the linux mvpmc software.

  It is all up and working great ( I like the slimserver music client!), 
only problem is it occasionally causes mythbackend to crash.   The backend 
service continues to run and it even continues recording (usually), but it 
stops talking to all front ends ( mythfrontend, mvpmc and even MythWeb)

   It only happens occasionally and at the point when you press the "MythTV" 
button on the mvpmc.    It just goes into the "waiting" bar and
cannot communicate to the backend.  But it seems it is the mvmpc itself that 
caused the backend to stop talking.    It is difficult to say for sure but
it seems to be more likely to happen when the mvpmc as been powered off for 
a while, eg overnight, then is turned on again.    It usually happens to me
first thing in the morning then is OK for the rest of the day.      There 
are also very occasional fatal crashes of the backend during replay on the 

   From the backend log the following error message is the only suspicious 
one I have found so far:
          QSocketNotifier: Multiple socket notifiers for same socket 19 and 
type read

   A "service mythbackend restart" on the backend fixes the problem, but 
obviously at the cost of any current recordings, jobs, etc.

   I have never had such problems in over a year of use with my MythTV 
backend/frontend system so I am sure they are stable.

    I realise it isn't entirely a MythTV problem, though I would hope the 
backend could not be brought down like this.   Any help would be greatly 
appreciated as the mvp is otherwise ideal and does everything I want in a 
secondary frontend.

   Thanks for any help.

mvpmc config for info...
echo "TZ=GMT0BST; export TZ" > /etc/shell.config;
TZ=GMT0BST; export TZ;
rdate -s;
mkdir /var/myth;
mount -t nfs -o nolock,rsize=4096,wsize=4096,nfsvers=3
ln -s /var/myth/videos /VIDEOS;
mvpmc -f /etc/helvR10.fnt -a 4:3cco -s -c &

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