[mythtv-users] ASUS mobo woes

dnjohannes at gmail.com dnjohannes at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 19:32:24 UTC 2006


Not sure this is the same issue I saw with the Asus P5GDC-V Deluxe,
but when installing FC4 on my hardware I had to enter some gibberish
before it would successfully install. Forgive me if I don't explain
this correctly with the right terms (I am a BSD guy), but at the boot:
prompt when firing up the FC4 installer CD, you can enter something
like "linux JFS", but instead I first entered "ajldjlfadjasd"
(gibberish) and then after it reports the illegal option I then
provide it the option I want (i.e. "linux JFS"). The install seemed to
work fine after that without any exceptions.


On 2/27/06, match at ece.utah.edu <match at ece.utah.edu> wrote:
> OK, putting together a new front-end box and I chose an ASUS P5P800 mobo and a P4
> 3200.
> Any users out there successfully running this board? Mine won't install. With FC4 anaconda
> fails real early with a kernel panic, something about not syncing. Knopmyth install fails with a
> kernel panic stating "only one processor found" or some such. No logs, of course because
> the install with either OS doesn't get far enough to create them, and most of the text
> displayed runs off the screen. Funny thing is, WinXP loaded fine, as far as I can tell, course I
> suspect it's not running multi-threaded... how do you tell what Windows is doing? And I
> upgraded successfully to the latest BIOS... no help.
> I suspect that the board is faulty, but I hate to give up without a fight. CPU runs fine in an Intel
> mobo, so it's not the CPU. Memtest86 runs without flagging any errors.
> I'm wondering... I've not been able to find much on this mobo, but a few blips about it failing
> early. Think I should bail on it and buy something else? or just get it replaced under
> warrantee?
> Or am I missing something? A jumper or BIOS setting?
> Marvin Match
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