[mythtv-users] Solutions to tuning issues

Kichigai Mentat kichigai at comcast.net
Sat Feb 25 04:03:37 UTC 2006

I'm having trouble tuning some channels. I've been trying to fine- 
tune a lot of them, but with at least 70 channels, it's quite a  
tedious and annoying task. I'm looking into possible solutions. At  
the moment, I'm using analog cable connected to a PVR-150. At the  
moment, the most logical option is to get a digital cable box (we  
have a digital cable service for the other two TVs in the house), and  
just connect it to the PVR-150 through S-Video, and using either the  
IR-Blaster in the PVR-150, a serial IR-blaster, or a direct serial  
connection, to work the digital cable box.

But I rather dislike working with LIRC. It's always rubbed me the  
wrong way. and I've always considered the possibility of getting a  
High-Def cable box, and using the FireWire port on it to record the  
data. But I'm using an XBox as a Front-End, and we only have Standard  
Definition televisions. The back-end is a low powered Celeron 650 MHz  
with 256 MB of RAM. Is there a way to have a high-def cable box scale  
down to something like 480p, that the XBox could be able to play this  
back? Or am I just better off messing with LIRC and learning the lingo?

However, I'd be willing to settle for letting MythTV just simply do  
automatic fine-tuning adjustments, like a cable-ready TV sets do.  
I've heard this system is available, but I've been as yet unable to  
find it. I'm running KnoppMyth R5A30.

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