[mythtv-users] Button feedback in Myth UI

Dave Hofstra dhofstra at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 22:25:39 UTC 2006

Per something I found on the wiki somewhere, in the 'General' setup section
you can put something like "aplay -q /path/to/sound/file/soundfile.wav" in
the 'keypress application' area.  This is a hack, but now that I have done
it it works quite well.  Note that I had to restart the frontend application
to notice the change.  Also note that it works for LIRC keypresses, not the
ones on the keyboard.

The knoppmyth link led me to a thread with some pretty cool sounds, but they
were a little obtrusive while browsing music.

I use the mediaportal software for myth-like functionality on my M$ Laptop.
Mediaportal (http://www.team-mediaportal.com/) has a really nice little
click sound for their cursor movements.  I tried it in myth and it works

You can download thier butcher 2 theme at
and find the cursor.wav file in the sound directory (it is the same sound as
in the main program's theme, just a smaller download.)

I will also host the file for anyone that is too lazy, but please email me
right away if you think it is some kind of violation.  I dont think so cuz
the project is open-source, and the dev's have been nice to me with other
things in the past.


let me know what you think about possibly putting this in the wiki.  I
suppose I could ask permission from one of the MediaPortal dev's and see if
they'd allow our wiki to host the file or something.

Dave Hofstra

On 2/22/06, Steve Dorsey <info at dorseygraphics.com> wrote:
> Hello
>    Is there a way to assign a beep sound to the button selections in
> the MythTV UI? So that when I  select items in a menu, I get a
> "click" or "beep"? I loved this feature in my Tivo because I got
> audible confirmation when I pressed a button (very handy when forward-
> searching using 3 speeds of search).
>    I'd be happy to create some nice audio files to use for this
> feature if need be.
> Thanks,
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