[mythtv-users] All I Want to do is Use ALSA - 1.0.11

Greg Oliver goliver at cistera.com
Tue Feb 21 21:17:24 UTC 2006

> Part of my MythTV project has been to try to learn Linux well enough
> to have it running on some of my other computers for "regular"  use,
> but so far, I have had problems at virtually every turn.  I still
> don't feel like I am picking it up well enough to administrate Linux
> on any other computer.  I feel like I'm wandering through a maze in
> the dark...feeling my way along...getting a few directions from nice
> people here and there.  Oh well.  :->

Yes - it is picking up the version you built from source yesterday or
the day before.  The FC installed was found prior since it was sooner in
the path than the /usr/local destination of the source compiled version.

You could have just chaged your pathing to get the source version picked
up first by moving /usr/local in front of /usr as well.


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