[mythtv-users] Color banding in mythfrontend preview window

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Feb 21 03:35:34 UTC 2006

Patrick Wagstrom wrote:

>>I just upgraded to the atrpms.net .19 package and have noticed that
>>colors in the mythfrontend preview window are distorted.  There are
>>color bands appearing now that were not there in .18.1.  Here's a
>>picture of
>>what I'm talking about:
>>The banding doesn't appear once I begin watching the recording
>>I'm running FC3 with the nvidia 7676 drivers.  I've googled around
>>quite a
>>bit on this one and haven't found anyone else with the same problem.
>I'm experiencing the same thing on my Athlon64 using packages I compiled
>myself.  I've got an nVidia 6600 for my video card using the 8178 series
>of drivers (yeah, I know, asking for trouble).   I just assumed it was
>my drivers, and decided to suck it up because I can still tell what's
>going on in the previews.  Guess not now.

I was going to wait to let the someone post himself, but before things 
go too deep...

Someone (sorry, can't remember who and my logs are a couple thousand 
miles away on a powered off system) was talking with Isaac on #mythtv 
channel a couple of days ago about this issue and was attempting to 
debug it.  They seemed to be leaning toward color conversion issues.  
Whoever it was seemed to be pretty motivated to fix it...


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