[mythtv-users] System Load/Performance Question

Micha Kersloot micha at kovoks.nl
Mon Feb 20 20:47:29 UTC 2006


Brian Wood schreef:
> I know the "can this system do <blank> has been done to death here,  
> but I need some comparisons.
> The system is an amd64 3700, running Gentoo 2.6.15, MythTV  
> 0.18.1,1.5GB RAM

amd64 3000+, Debian 2.6.15, MythTV 0.18.2, 1GB RAM here
> We are talking strictly about SDTV here.
> 2-PVR-150s
PVR-500 here
> GeForce-5700 video card w/256MB.
GeForce-5200 / 128MB
> nVidia 7676 drivers, no XvMC, MythTV compiled with OpenGL support

> Recordings are going onto 2-250GB SATA drives configured Linux kernel  
> software RAID0, JFS filesystem.
> Ring Buffer is going onto a UDMA 133 250GB single drive, JFS  
> filesystem, no other drive on the IDE channel, The OS is on another  
> partition of this drive.

Recordings and Ringbuffer on 1 250GB SATA drive JFS

With 1 remote frontend watching LiveTV: the load is 0.50, almost no CPU
With 1 local frontend watching LiveTV: the load jumps to 1.5,
mythfrontend taking 20% and X11 10% CPU usage.

1 local frontend watching LiveTV + 1 program beeing recorded: the load
jumps to 3 and LiveTV gets jerky now and then. The recording doesn't
have any problems. Still only a combined 30% CPU usage.

I do have the feeling the SATA gives some problems. But the strange
thing is that enabling XvMC brings the load back to acceptable values,
under 1 in almost all cases. But I really miss the option to user PiP then.
The drive is connected to a VIA Technologies, Inc. VIA VT6420 SATA RAID
I've found out that 2.6.15 is a bit better than the previous versions.

At the end... You're not alone, i think.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Micha Kersloot

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