[mythtv-users] Who wants to set up my Myth box?

Steve Dorsey info at dorseygraphics.com
Mon Feb 20 18:33:21 UTC 2006


   I don't know if this is appropriate (I apologize, if it is not)  
but I'd like to pay someone $100 (and a pizza, if you're local to the  
south SF bay area) to set up my Myth box. I've been working on it for  
days, and I cannot get it working. The kind people on the myth-users  
IRC channel have been helpful, but I fear that I am wearing their  
patience thin.

   I'd pay to have this up and running. I have RedHat FC4 installed,  
Myth installed, the SQL database up and running, and a few more  
things activated. I have not deleted ant conf files, and the system  
is in a generally good state. I'd be happy to release access via ssh  
to anyone who is willing to help, assuming that you will have no  
problems with me changing the passwords (and the IP address) on the  
machine after all is working.

   I'm quite serious about this. I love MythTV, and - when it is  
working - it is a fantastic system. I used BeyondTV for about a year,  
and it was cool, but Myth is SO much better.


- Get MythTV, MySQL, LIRC, and DVD playback working on my 2-tuner  
(WinTV 150/250) system via nVidia S-video out

- Get serial control of my 2 RCA DRD435RH DirecTV receivers working

- I'd love it to run on my current Redhat fc4 install

- Put up with my idiot Linux newbie questions

- If you're remote, chat via AIM while installing

   If you're interested, please respond at the following email address:



dorseygraphics , com <--should be a dot com

Thanks for reading.


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