[mythtv-users] Configuring Mythtv remotely

Graham Wood mythtv-users at spam.dragonhold.org
Sun Feb 19 22:53:31 UTC 2006

Dylan R. Semler wrote:
> do these two commands do anything different?  
Yes.  The -X uses an SSH tunnel, and the other method connects back 
directly.  This results in 2 main differences....  The SSH method will 
get through some firewalls that the other will not, but will also be 
tunneling the connection with the associated extra overhead (latency & 
CPU overhead).

A lot of linux distros seem to be disabling the TCP listener on the 
network for 'X11' - which means that the direct method will not work (to 
find out, type 'netstat -an |grep LISTEN| grep 6000' - and if you don't 
see an entry like '*:6000' or '<your ip>:6000' it is disabled) so you 
have to use the SSH tunneled method.  (BTW if that is the case for your 
setup, it's normally a setting of {x,g,k}dm)

> On a similar note, does 
> anyone know if there is a way to export audio via ssh.  Typically if I 
> ssh into a box and run xmms, the sound will be playing on the box that I 
> sshed into, not on the one where I sshed from.
X does not support sound forwarding - so you'll need to use something 
that can be tunneled that does....  Looks like esound does (and in 
theory you could use the esd wrapper to run myth under that) - but I'd 
hate to actually say it would work without trying it... :)

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