[mythtv-users] 0.19 Ubuntu Packages

casey dunn casey.dunn at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 08:45:11 UTC 2006

We'll your packages are in.  There was an error about dependancies for
mythweb and that it wasn't configured but, I can't find a log to show me
more details.

  After restarting the backend I can connect with mythfrontend and all seems
to be working fine.  Mythweb is complaining about the db_ settings, mod_env,
etc.  I changed the db_ vars to what should be correct but I still get the
same error message.  I can't find how to turn on mod_env for apache2 they
are not in the mods_availible directory, and I don't see them in synaptic.

On 2/14/06, casey dunn <casey.dunn at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'll give these a go on my dapper install tonigh after Boston Legal.
> I'm not the best test case as I've got additional apt sources (marillat,
> vlc,wine) as well as mysql5 (which seems to be working fine now that I've
> worked around the socked permisions issue) and I don't use mythfrontend
> (mythweb almost exclusivly).  But I'll let you know how it goes. :-)
> Any idea if these will play nice when marillat updates his?
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