[mythtv-users] Accuracy of HDTV processor requirements statement in HOWTO

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Feb 7 20:16:32 UTC 2006

Jerry Rubinow wrote:
> I fooled around for months trying to get HD playback working on a
> (original) Pundit with 2.8GHz non-HT P4, conncted to a 720p tv.  I
> tried both with the onboard Sis graphics and with an FX5200 PCI card. 
> But I never could get something satisfactory.
> Through the 5200, playback was always too slow/stuttery without XvMC -
> probably maxing out the PCI bus.  With XvMC, I had very low CPU usage
> but either it would be crashy or lock up occasionally or also be
> stuttery.  I could play the same file with mplayer w/ XvMC without a
> problem.
So you did get 720p content working on the FX200 PCI with XvMC?  I'm 
fairly sure now with the existence of various PCI HDTV capture cards and 
PCI HDTV decoders (MyHD, etc) that hardware accelerated HDTV playback on 
a PCI device is certainly in the realm of existence.  I would imagein 
though, that unaccelerated playback would be difficult.


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