[mythtv-users] atsc scanning - no signal and no tables

Tim Litwiller timlitw at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 22:52:18 UTC 2006

I have 2 HD cards in my systems and they both have the same symptoms
the air2pc hd5000 card and the avermedia a180 card

antennaweb.orf indicates that we should be able to recieve  3 - 5 HD
signals,  12.1, 10.1 and 33.1
when I scan with mythtvsetup  I find KWCH-DT as 121 on atsc channel 19
and KWCH-DT as 122 on atsc channel 19

on some channels it says lock  those channels get the --no tables added to
the line
the rest get --no signal   these are expected since we have so few channels
But what does the -- no tables mean?

I have searched high and low on google and mythtv, dvb, & atsc related web
sites for the answer to this and if the answer to this
is posted somewhere I'm not finding it.

Can someone tell me what this means, and if there is another way

I did try the azap tools
when I get the azap tools and run this

make_atsc_chanconf.pl zipcode
I get this error
No such field 'stationXml' at ./make_atsc_chanconf.pl line 62

I tried 2 different version that I found on the web
1 was line 53 and 1 was line 62 but they had the same error.
and that line is the same on both - the difference as far as I can tell is
for different version of the antennaweb.org website.
the site changed and so the screen scrapping had to change.
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