[mythtv-users] Subtitles?

Tony Sutton Tony at hypertony.co.uk
Sun Dec 31 22:50:47 UTC 2006

Howdy all,
Am researching into MythTV and it looks good so far.
But before I go all of the hassle of sourcing hardware and setting it up,
does subtitles work OK in MythTV for UK version of DVB-T? I'm deaf and this
is the main concern for me.
* Does the subtitle come up OK when watching Live TV? (i.e. live scrolling
subtitles from a live news)
* Does the subtitle come up OK when watching standard movies/drama/talks on
TV (i.e. subtitles already typed and displayed during show)
* When recording shows, does it encode the subtitle within the file or it
has not been developed yet?
I might have more questions after this but these are the main questions that
I'd like to know before asking further questions.
Many thanks,
- Tony Sutton
-  <blocked::http://www.fordst170.co.uk/> http://www.fordst170.co.uk
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