[mythtv-users] MytthTV system: ATX vs mATX motherboard?

Mark Lehrer mark at knm.org
Sun Dec 31 22:18:43 UTC 2006

> 939, so it has to be AM2). Then there is an Asus Board with Via
> Chipset (M2V with VIA K8T890), but there it seems to be difficult to
> get network to work in Linux, so again one slot goes for a network
> card. And there are boards with AGP slot and AM2 and 5 PCI slots,
> but AGP to me does not look like a good choice anymore at this
> point. Same with 775, the only board with 5 PCI slots I see has AGP.
> So, what do you recommend, is there a recent board with 5 PCI slots,
> and PCI-E for any of the two AM2 or 775? Or shall I stick with AGP
> for now?

I am not directly answering your question here, sorry...  I am using a
MicroATX board (Asus A8N-VM CSM) with built-in video (Nvidia 6150) and
network, and it works perfectly - Ubuntu Edgy has no trouble at all.

I'm sure one of their full ATX boards with a 6150 chipset would work
just fine.  It is silly to use either AGP or PCI Express for video
these days, unless you are doing 3D gaming.  I am using one slot for
the PCHDTV card and that's it.

This motherboard also has 4 SATA ports and can do RAID 5, though I
haven't tested this.


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