[mythtv-users] Changing Physical Locations (zip code and cable provider)

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Sun Dec 31 18:27:23 UTC 2006

Brian, I followed your instructions and everything seemed to work out on
that front.  Big thanks!

Now here's the thing, At my old location I was on broadcast (rabbit ears)
and recording and playback seemed fine.  But at the new location using
cable, Playback is choppy and seems to stutter every other second.

Is there something different about processing cable input??  I didn't change
any settings except for broadcast to cable somewhere and the refilling of
the database.

General Speed Stuff:
DMA is on
Computer is 700Mhz dell with 384 MBs of memory, 128 mb nvidia video card
(PCI), Win-PVR 150
MythDora OS
Nvidia drivers installed

Sorry if this is offtopic for this thread, I figured it's still on topic
because it's related to the move.

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