[mythtv-users] Changing Physical Locations (zip code and cable provider)

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Dec 30 22:54:51 UTC 2006

On Dec 30, 2006, at 3:09 PM, mailing list wrote:

> On 12/30/06, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:
> Depends on where you are. I've found a lot of gmail addresses are
> from non-USA locations, but "zip code" is a USA thing.
> If you're in the USA just re-do your datadirect subscription.
> If you are in the real world we'd need to know how you are getting
> your listings.
> Thanks Brian.  You're right I'm moving from one county in Maryland  
> to another county.  So it's as simple as changing the subscribtion,  
> huh?  That's great to know.
> Oh, do I need to refill the database or something?  Are there any  
> other steps I should be aware of?

I think you will want to run mythfilldatabase with the --refresh-all  
option after you re-do datadirect, and you may also have to re-do any  
recording rules you have set up that are channel-specific.

Also you will have to re-create the lineups for your capture cards in  
mythtv-setup. Might be easiest to just delete the cap card setups and  
do them over. Also you'll have to redo the sources and probably the  
input connections

I've probably missed something, but I didn't want to get too specific  
until I knew where you were. Basically just re-do anything related to  
channels in mythtv-setup and then run mythfilldatabase --refresh-all.

Not sure what will happen with your database when it has a mix of old  
and new programs. Worst case you'll have to recreate it and lose info  
on all the old stuff, or info on things like what channel a program  
was might be wrong. How big a problem this might be depends on how  
much video you have on disk.

If it were me I'd seriously consider archiving everything off to DVD  
and starting from scratch, good excuse to upgrade :-)

If anyone sees anything I've missed please jump right in :-)

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