[mythtv-users] Appliances?

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Sun Dec 31 16:51:18 UTC 2006

>If i understand things correctly, i could use a uPnP appliance
>such as a DSM-320 to watch recordings.
>But does it actually _work_? J

I don't know about the DSM-320 specifically, but I can use my iodata
LinkPlayer2 to both watch HDTV recordings and play music from my recent SVN
FE/BE - although I only get success with "browse all" for both, the
genre/hierarchical sort options show the right categories but don't actually
show items within the categories. I think the LinkPlayer2 is still $250, for
HD over component output, still the cheapest HD-capable device I've

I'm excited to read about the uPnP work going on for Xbox360, although my
Xbox360 is hooked to my only HD display along with the LinkPlayer2 and my
mythtv box so *I* would probably be using mythfrontend more than anything
else for myth-hosted content. Unless/until I get another HD display...

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