[mythtv-users] Prebuffering pause on Frontend playing back HD

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Dec 31 02:46:33 UTC 2006

On Dec 30, 2006, at 7:25 PM, Chris Dos wrote:

> Obviously I can't see straight.  The CPU is using a LOT more  
> processor then it
> should.  I've been used to seeing only around 40% on the backend in  
> the family
> room.  Maybe the extra 200 mhz on the backed was enough for it to  
> play back HD
> that I didn't notice that there was a problem.  So I think  
> something has changed
> in SVN that is requiring a lot more cpu usage that what it was  
> using.  I'll
> upgrade to current SVN and see what happens.

You may have trouble with that 6150 GPU chip. I don't see it under  
"supported chipsets" in the latest README for the nvidia Linux  
drivers, the 6xxx series starts with 6200. Likewise the latest  
"legacy" driver.

You may have to put a real graphics card into that mobo.

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