[mythtv-users] Prebuffering pause on Frontend playing back HD

Chris Dos chris at chrisdos.com
Sun Dec 31 02:25:42 UTC 2006

Chris Dos wrote:
> I built a new frontend for Christmas.
> It's spec's are:
> AMD X2 3800+ proc
> Asus M2NPV-VM MB with Integrated Geforce 6150 Video VGA/DVI
> 1 GB RAM
> Silverstone ML01 case
> etc.
> This was pulling off 802.11a at a sustained 4 MB/s transfer, but for testing
> this issue, I've hooked up GB ethernet and I'm transferring 23 MB/s.
> The combo backend/frontend that is in the family room plays HD fine.  This
> frontend was imaged from the backend and necessary changes made to make it just
> a frontend.  Hardware is mostly the same between the backend and the frontend
> except the backend has a AMD X2 4200+ proc and a lot more hard drives.
> I've configured the fronted to use NFS and tired it without NFS.
> Processor usage on the Frontend during playback is around 40%.  Output from top:
> 23932 mythtv    15   0  470m 359m 122m S  109 40.8   6:17.23 mythfrontend
> 21978 root      16   0  350m 341m 108m R   14 38.7   1:10.29 Xorg

Obviously I can't see straight.  The CPU is using a LOT more processor then it
should.  I've been used to seeing only around 40% on the backend in the family
room.  Maybe the extra 200 mhz on the backed was enough for it to play back HD
that I didn't notice that there was a problem.  So I think something has changed
in SVN that is requiring a lot more cpu usage that what it was using.  I'll
upgrade to current SVN and see what happens.


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