[mythtv-users] reducing GUI size

Mike Hoehn bit at birnehh.shacknet.nu
Sat Dec 30 11:03:56 UTC 2006

> Go Hskrs wrote:
> >> Is it possible to reduce the GUI size (the window that 
> MythTV uses for
> >> the menu) and have MytHTV make the borders around the 
> reduced size black?

Is there actually a reason why someone would like to see the desktop around
the GUI? Personally I think it doesn't make sense... I'd like to have the
area around the GUI either painted black or filled with the theme's

This would also make it easier to adjust the GUI size to the visible area
on the tv, because it doesn't have to fit exactly. It doesn't matter if you
can see a little of the black background. But it doesn't look good if you
see only one row of pixels of the desktop.

Isn't the only reason to reduce the size of the GUI (while having the video
full-screen) the text being out of the visible area when it's full-screen?


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