[mythtv-users] MythMusic organising music bydirectory/artist/album

Mike Hoehn bit at birnehh.shacknet.nu
Sat Dec 30 10:51:27 UTC 2006

Dewey Smolka:

> > someone wrote:
> >
> >   FE Utilities/Setup -> Setup -> Media Settings -> Music Settings ->
> > General Settings
> >
> > Set Tree Sorting to 'directory'.
> >
> > ===
> >
> > And what if I want have this by Artist instead do I just put artist?
> >
> The 'directory' setting tells Myth to sort your music according to the
> directory tree in which you have it. I, and most other users I gather,
> keep their music in a directory tree that is roughly
> /path/to/music/genre/artist/album/0x_trackname.ogg. In the FE music
> settings I have path to music directory set as /path/to/music.

Thanks for all these tips. Now I can browse through my directory tree
the way I'm used to do it. I also played around with the 'filename mask'
(that's a re-translation from the german translation; I hope you understand
me :) and now mythmusic always puts a '0 - ' or any other number in front
of each filename. Looks like it's the tracknr. But to me it doesn't make
sense to print a tracknr. if the file doesn't have one.

Is there a way to configure mythmusic to just print the filename the way
it is, without suffix of course? I really don't care if mythmusic knows
which part of the filename is the artist, the title and the tracknr.

I actually can live with how mythmusic displays MP3's now, but it just
doesn't look nice.

By the way: My files are roughly stored like this:

/path/to/music/genre/artist - title.mp3
/path/to/music/genre/artist - title (whatever mix).mp3
/path/to/music/genre/artist - album - tracknr - title.mp3
/path/to/music/genre/artist - tracknr - title.mp3
/path/to/music/genre/tracknr - artist - title.mp3
/path/to/music/genre/artist - album/

Plus any combination of the above...
It seems like mythmusic can't cope with such variety. But it could also
be me, not really understanding how mythmusic exactly works. :)


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